Tyler confronts Caroline, believing she betrayed him.After Tyler hesitates in saving her from Jules, Caroline turns her back on him, and he leaves town with Jules without saying goodbye.

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When the other side collapses and Tyler comes back, him and Caroline share a brief hug.

They are referred to as "Forwood" or "Tyroline" but less commonly, "Cyler" or "Tyline" by fans.

Tyler defers from college much to Caroline's sadness. They have a brief reunion, but Tyler reveals that he plans to kill Klaus, thus leaving town again.

She warns him that it will be over between them if he leaves, but he does so anyway.

She convinces him to save Tyler too, and ends up running from Tyler with Matt after he turns into a werewolf.

Later, Caroline informs Tyler that Matt broke up with her and he comforts her. Caroline's jealous when Tyler brings Sofie to Elena's party.

Tyler and Caroline were initially mutual friends and would hang out sometimes and play pool together.

This was probably because they'd known each other since infancy.

Shocked, she slams the door in his face and later explains about her existing feelings for Matt.

When Jules arrives, she informs Tyler that Caroline lied about being the only vampire and that she knows what happened to his uncle, Mason.

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