Edward to come home, to hold me in his arms and tell me he loves me. For Daddy's Little Cannibal's 18th birthday, and to the victims of 9/11. So I am a little ok a lot upset about spoilers for the season finale. Everything else is just my imagination at work Suspend reality for a second here and pretend that Flack and Angell are already dating when he gets blown up. While Grimmauld Place is abuzz with gossip, how will Remus and Tonks convice them of his heterosexuality? She whimpered out a quiet plea for help, wishing that someone, anyone, would come and rescue her. When Nymphadora Tonks is five, and she goes to the park on her own, she learns the consequences in no other form than her Auntie Bella... If you like Disney movies to remain kid friendly, then it's probably best not to read this.

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Will Paul be able to tell Sam what he needs to say? Now comes the time when he can finally stand tall and declare the truth, for all to hear. Finnick remembers everything, their first kiss, their first time. She's just scared, and it's his job to be there for her. It rained the day she had failed to save Dan's life. Law number 18 If you steal food off the sheriffs plate you can't whine if he stabs you with a fork. THIRTY-TWO: HAIRAU: Back in the days, when Aaron Hotchner worked a case for Ambassador Prentiss and David Rossi got hired to assist, Emily Prentiss gets cosy with Rossi and Aaron gets jealous. ""It was eight years ago today that I first met Will - when we had that case down in New Orleans. It's a wonder how Yachiru, the loud and obnoxious little brat, is still alive. Hotch and Emily are hunting down Ian Doyle but he finds them first. Tied for 2nd place for Best Death Scene at the 2011 CM Favorite Fic Awards. A peaceful, quiet place where I can go after a rough day at work. The assigned love song & prompts are: Just the Way You Are by!

- Paul/OC: extreme fluff, and language."No one's around, Veronica." Mercer's voice looms from the darkness. It rained when she realized that, no matter how shitty a gambler she was, she'd won her last bet against Jiraiya. It's the night before the ninja war and everyone is feeling tense. It seems like such a long time ago." "You still miss him, don't you? Friend-fic, mildly Shika Tema."You see that big black space right between them? But Kenpachi can't help but admit that everything she does, everything that she is, accounts for that "dumbass" decision he had made years ago. Written before much was known about Doyle, so facts are lacking and/or incorrect. A place where, when I get home, my wonderful wife will be making dinner- "JAMES BLOODY POTTER! This is a response to the 'Valentine's Day Gift Fic Exchange Assignments' over at Chit Chat on Author's Corner. Written for the Happy New Year's Challenge on Chit Chat on Author's Corner…

*Some chapters may be made M* "I haven't read The Little Engine That Could yet." I stood there a second, absorbing her words. "You're awfully quiet." His voice is brittle as he wheezes the words, one of his hands moving from her hair to her back, tracing invisible patterns.

Auggie lists 100 things he knows about Annie - and then expands on them.

Written originally as a gift to my boyfriend who likes to 'get to the point'. I get my jollies out of writing, reviews are sweet icing though Emotions are explored as Severus and Hermione share a dance at a ball in her seventh year. With the Christmas spirit being found all across town, can the Emily help the Christmas spirit be found at the Hotchner's house? What if Hotch couldn't save Haley or Jack from Foyet? And what if his team couldn't get to him in time to keep him from falling apart? Tonks/Remus "I'm supposed to be in some kind of pink lacy underwear right now, not blowing my nose into a handkerchief, looking like a hippogriff's backside." It's Remus and Tonks' first morning as husband and wife, but not all goes according to plan. After all, what could change the hate they felt for each other? my assigned Pairing: Haley Hotchner/Will Lamontagne my assigned song title/movie title: "Never Gonna Be Alone" by Nickelback. Inoxchoji, One Shot Erin Strauss needed a 'date' to a function... There, he discovered a long held secret from Erin and how he was going to handle this 'secret'. Quil had to beg Claire's parents to take her anywhere else so that she can be safe, just so some hungry crazed leech" Kim enjoyed watching Bella wince at the word "won't want to suck her dry. Rated T for character death Snape acts rashly out of jealousy when Hermione is assisted by one of his Slytherins in Potions class, leading up to a revelation. Hyourinmaru-centric After the uprising of the zanpaktou Matsumoto decides that the Shinigami should 'bond' with their zanpaktou.

Song Fic based upon 'Magic Works' from Goblet of Fire Soundtrack. Or will a simple act of friendship turn into a war that no one expected? one shot In 'Exit Wounds', there were four bedrooms for seven agents. First Chapter is Morgan/Garcia,2nd is JJ/Em, 3rd is Rossi/Reid, 4th is Hotch/Jack. And once this battle is over your going to join them anyways. A year after Jess's death, Don returns to the precinct to find a strange message waiting for him and goes home to find that someone's already there. Just a small fic on how I envisioned Remus spending a birthday morning with his family – Dora and Teddy. just a drabble and me testing the waters of writing again after a long while. Which leads to hilarity and one very disturbed child prodigy.

[Lamb & Veronica] ish Alternate end to S3E09"Sakura was wet. Hatake Kakashi." Just a little something that came to me. Seaver learns a lesson about fidelity, bravery, integrity, and respect. FIC about Severus and Hermione innocently enjoying their meal, but a Weasley boy surprise, surprise decides to liven it up a little. Danger, fluffy fun, romance, lemons and a happy ending! *giggles* Set in the summer before Fifth Year when everyone is at Grimmauld Place, sometime after Harry's trial. In response to Round Eight– Valentine's Day Gift Fic Exchange for the Chit Chat on the Author's Corner. Series: After the Winter War Couple: Hitsu/Karin, set during the gap in "No Warm Memories"Kankuro and Temari take Shikamaru out for his first night of drinking. Just a one chapter story, but hopefully full of comedy.

Entry to CCOAC The Times Are Changing Mini-Challenge A Toshirox Karin Hitsu Karin one-shot. What happens in Annie's mind when she shields her ears and closes her eyes shut while the memories of the arena all flow back to her? " It seems to Remus like the worst moments in his life always come about when he loses track of his thoughts. COMPLETE"Secrets are made to be found out with time." Charles Sanford. Written based off a prompt from the lovely SS-RL-LOVER4LIFE. There is dinner and Remus and Sirius and, erm...prostrating? Assigned love song & prompts: Amazed Lonestar ; a box of chocolates, Eros Greek God of Love & Sex , rose petals. Warning: Semi-graphic use of words and description.

But why did he do that when he obviously isn't really interested in using her for anything? All she needed after a hectic day was a fleeting glimpse of normalcy. Everyone can remember where they were on September 11, 2001, but does anyone know where the heroes of CSI: NY were?

She would've never thought he'd give her so much more to see.

Less emotional than you might think..fact it's almost fluff/humor... I came up with this story one day a LLOOOOONNNNGG time ago and I thought it would fit in after adding the last piece. SMACked, DL, angel Angell/Flack, and hints of Adam/OC's. And she plans on doing so with or without Edwards approval, will the Cullens step up to help their little sister out? Fate screws Zarek over once again when he is sent back in time to relive his torment. FUNNYThe vampires are revealed into the world, all thanks to a little bite on the werewolf reservation. For his seventeenth birthday, Teddy Lupin is presented with a Pensieve that contains everything he wants to know about the two people who mean the most to him and are also the two people he has never met.