Introduction Fred's Favorites This web page is basically links to webcams that I have looked at and was impressed enough to bookmark (pretty low threshold). The links are basically imported from my bookmarks and edited a bit. BROKEN LINKS Webcam links seem to break more often than web links in general.

The "Gmap" link goes to a zoomed in satelite view of the area the camera sees.

You can back out to get context / switch to map mode etc.

Paul, the Twin Cities metro area and Minnesota, including articles, video, photo galleries, blogs and columns by the Star Tribune's Katherine Kersten and Nick Coleman. Der er adgang til on-line selvbetjening i bibliotekets databaser og guider til Internettet.

Varde Biblioteks hjemmeside finder du information om biblioteket, åbningstider og medarbejdere. Der er selvstændige børnesider og hjemmesider for filialerne i Agerbæk, Nr. This Earth Cam camera is your free ticket to the majesty and history of the Capital of the United States of America. Capitol Street, enjoy spectacular views of important Washington D. landmarks, including the US Capitol, the Washington Monument, Union Square, and the Capitol Mall.

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KEY to some abbeviations used in this file sometimes BROKEN site no longer working.

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) which tend to break since they can not be changed easily.

This seems to work fine with the Firefox browser that I use. (offline now) Fred's 35w archive of close shots on 6/18/08 (segment being installed) Strib 35W Webcam Pan, zoom from high above se of bridge (offline since bridge complete) *Centrumkorsning AXIS Stsn lg utv in Pajala, Sweden north of arctic circle gmap Aerial photo I think yellow building in bottom center is on the right in webcam image. Leader in maritime education; Hands-on, training cruises, 60 vessels, internships & co-ops; high job placement & salaries; Coast Guard licensing as ship officer.

ut N update time N seconds (v=video) lg large displayed image (typically Stsn - Street scene, public square, campus walkway etc. Stsn L - Longer shot of a street scene z N - observed zoom level (under development) N=J/SD J= Object size on display (mm) S=known obj size in middle of image (feet Estimate: driving lane width, car length, car width, human height ) D=Diagonal size of whole image on display Fred: Daylight is helpful (late evening in USA? Live outdoor cameras setup in interesting places: New York City's Empire State Building, Newport Beach's pier, Santa Cruz wharf, and a view of the Earth from high in space. Mora, Sweden Webcam w/ links to others 12/12/10: I was just lamenting how many links on this page no longer work when I tried this OLD link which has an image that gives the new link above with a brief explanation in Swedish and English Complete news coverage of Minneapolis, St.

You’ll see the clear green water of the Emerald coast and our rare white sand!