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Even though stress can make sex seem as appealing as a root canal, it may be just what the doctor ordered; pleasurable activities like sex alleviate stress by blocking anxiety responses in the brain.

Still, if you can't seem to muster the energy, plow pose can help you rejuvenate, says Barrett.

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It’s the perfect way to celebrate friendship with Thomas.

Plus, you've got your butt up in the air, which is about as 'come hither' as it gets! Don't be intimidated by this move, she says; it's not as challenging as it looks.

Exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, like Kegels, were invented to help treat urinary incontinence, but it was discovered that they had other benefits as well. According to Barrett, holding the bridge pose is similar to doing a Kegel, because you squeeze those same pelvic muscles.

To reap similar benefits, perform the 10 poses below at least three times a week, spending a minute or so in each position.

If this is your first time practicing yoga, don't worry; we've linked each pose to a video tutorial so you can learn them at your own pace..

"It relieves fatigue, calms the mind, lessens symptoms of depression and anxiety, and eases digestive problems," she says. "Everything that helps you to be in the moment is going to help you be more sensual," she explains. Take long, deep breaths while resting in this position.