Her relationship with Adam presented in a totally empty, unsophisticated way, no details, no depth, no answers about how desire could last so long, how their feelings changed during all those centuries.It's empty, colourless, something like a teenage fantasy about "perfect love", which, of course, we all know by age 20, doesn't exists.It is so incredibly empty and banal that it's almost shocking. Yes, actors are cool and beautiful, images, too, music, well, I leave that to your taste (I felt like cutting my wrists after a while).

There's Eve, the wife, whose life is equally without direction or purpose, but at least it doesn't disturb her.

She's happy with her books and the company of some fellow superior being and, of course, her actual portion of drug.

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With it's own alphabet, and the fact that many words can br broken down or changed to change meaning, it can be quite difficult at the beginning to understand.

The English is on the left, with the Greek on thr right (not in fact Greek, but the way to say specific phrases in greek with English letters used for spelling to make them easier to understand.) Some Notes: For ease of use with the phrases and words below, please note the following.... The letter "D" (Delta) has the sound of the letters "TH" (such as there, mother ) PHRASES We would like a room for two people - Tha ithela ena domatio gia dio atoma How Much?

- Parakalo mipos milate Aglika I don't speak Greek - Den Milao Elinika I don't Understand - Den Katalaveno Can I see ?

They may answer back in English, as often happens, but the fact that you attempted to speak Greek will be something that they will all appreciate and respect.

Below we have compiled a section of useful phrases and words that you may use during your holidays in Greece. The pronunciation of, for example, dromos is "Thromos".

However, one thing that the Greek really appreciate is when visitors make an attempt to speak the language. Speak slower please - Parakalo mila pio siga I don't Know - Den Xero Let's Go - Pame The bill please - To logariasmo Parakalo So and So - Esti ke etsi With Double Bed - Me diplo Krevati With a shower - Me dous How many Hours ?