The ECU then adjusts your air/fuel and timing advance curves to new performance settings.

Our PCD Performance module eliminates costly parts and installation of ECU components, and still safely and legally provides the same end results.

intimidating 69 camaro-59

Performance module simply wires into the factory harness of the IAT sensor.

The module will work with the sensor to provide a new signal to your vehicles ECU.

Bottom line is our PCD Performance chips give you results.

They 100% legal, one of the easiest modifications you can make to your car and won't hurt any other component on your vehicle, stock or not. *All horsepower gains are measured via dyno-tuning statistics and at the vehicle's wheel, not exaggerated flywheel-horsepower numbers like some companies.

You can adjust the settings via the integrated dial.

Set the gain indicator to approximately half way for lesser torque and horsepower gains, yet a noticeable increase in your gas mileage.Finding a beneficial chip that won't alter factory settings, void warranties or require disassembling your ECU is almost impossible.However, our PCD chips do provide real benefits, are simple to install and work directly with your car's computer to determine the right amount of adjustment you need at any given time.The PCD Performance chips we carry are rivaled by the Jet V-chips, however our units offer more flexibility and proven precision tunability that you can't find with any other brand.The adjustable PCD Chip module has been designed to work in any weather condition, any combination of engine modifications and any size engine.Although modules are similar in style, each application is different based on your vehicle's engine specifications. A: Clear cut Performance Chip Installation Instructions are provided for the easiest install possible. A: You will receive (1) PCD Chip Module and all of the necessary hardware. We carry a full line of compatible car chips for custom ride.