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Officials say the town was consumed by the country's worst wildfires, engulfing the post office, a kindergarten and hundreds of homes.

(AP Photo/Esteban Felix) National flags fly over the scorched landscape of Chile's Santa Olga community, Tuesday, Jan. The national forestry agency says Chile's raging wildfires have destroyed nearly 904,000 acres (366,000 hectares) since Jan.

Firefighters and residents fought the fast-spreading blazes on the ground Tuesday, while a Russian supertanker plane and a Brazilian Hercules have dumped thousands of gallons of water on the area 290 miles (470 kilometers) southwest of the Chilean capital. 29, 2017 photo, residents watch nearby wildfires in Portezuelo, Chile.

Strong winds have continued to stoke the flames of the raging wildfires in Chile.

Residents of some communities have been battling the fires themselves, without any protective gear and often using just branches or bottles of water in a frantic effort to save their homes, pasture and livestock.

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Firefighters and residents are fighting the fast-spreading blazes on the ground, while a Russian supertanker plane and a Brazilian Hercules have dumped thousands of gallons of water, southwest of the Chilean capital. 28, 2017 photo, a resident helping firefighters runs with an empty water bucket as they fight wildfires in Paso El Leon, in Concepcion, Chile.