To get a free perfume sample delivered to your house, follow the tips below: If you happen to shop online at Sephora ( take advantage of the free packages that they're offering.Depending on what you've purchased, Sephora will give you different types of free samples to choose from.

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Although these two methods of getting free perfume samples give you a wisp of how a perfume smells before you decide to buy it, it doesn't give you enough experience of the smell.

Sampler pages on magazines can only last for a little while, and the scent of the perfume can sometimes get mixed with the scent of the magazine.

Citrus: Fresh and fruity, bursting with crisp and zesty essences like lemons, limes and oranges.

Classic: A fragrance that has been popular for many years and is widely loved by generation after generation.

Heart: middle notes of the fragrance: this is the perfume's dominant scent.

Juice: This is the word used by the fragrance industry to describe the actual liquid perfume.

There are many ways of getting a free perfume sample.

One way is through the perfume sampler pages on magazines.

Product line Pure Perfume: Pure perfume is usually found in dab on form as you only need to apply a small amount.