After one dancer does a particularly good combo of headspins and freezes he finally finishes up with a backflip.You say to your friend "That homeboys moves are the JAM!For example, it would not be considered putt if a family member was injured or died or something really horrible happened.

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" Some lyrics from "You Be Illin'" by Run-DMC: (For) dinner, you ate it, there is none left It was salty, with butter and it was def You proceeded to eat it cos you was in the mood But holmes you did not read it was a can of dog food!

You be illin' So some friends and you are at a breakdancing competition.

We have several key members placed in highly trendy or influential locations and businesses in order to spread the terminology of the 80's. " are two of the first installments and have been placed throughout with our affiliates. A type of heavily synthesized pop music performed by groups like A Flock of Seagulls, Duran Duran, The Busboys, Thompson Twins and Eurasure. This terms usage was limited mostly to the corporate world. "I was up for a promotion, but Stan 'Norvilled' me out of it!

" Unsure as to the origins of this, but it seems that in the late 80's or early 90's Deborah Norville got promoted to a position as a Morning Talk Show Host on one of the Major Networks, when the general cocensus was, the position should have gone to someone else (Jane Pauley, perhaps?

" (the emphasis is always on the word "JAM" so as it is louder and more funky than the rest of the sentence).

We at the 80's Revival Company feel it is very close to the phrase "That's the s#*t".But since s#*t isn't really a good thing and JAM is, whether it be a Jam band, actual jam for your samich, or any other jam, we are sticking with JAM.Since the 80's style is back in fashion, the 80's Revival Company has charged itself with completing a sociological experiment to the max. Lots of mouse or gel in the hair, makeup on the face, loud colors, etc. To 'brown nose.' To take something that rightfully belongs to someone else.Someone is "faced" when a member of the opposing team smashes the ball down and it hits them directly, you guessed it, in the face. " (I grew up in Orange County, California in the 80's ...specifically Irvine and it seemed pretty widely used) Has 3 different meanings Hardcore punk.It is a moment of complete domination for the offensive player and a moment of complete humiliation for the player who was faced or was the recipient of the "face shot".a synonym for "Moded" you just got humiliated or someone won an argument or event you say to the loser, "Moded!! The punk of the eighties associated with mohawk haircuts and apocaliptic lyrics Hardcore pornography Showing everything including penetration and oral sex.The book features over 1,000 British Slang words including extra sections on Australian and Kiwi Slang, Cockney Slang and London slang.